Candidate for Mayor of Park Forest Joe Woods Featured in Local Press

Candidate for Mayor of Park Forest, Joe Woods, was featured in a November article in eNews Park Forest, a local news source. The article was published on November 28, 2022, and reads, in part:

“Our Village is at a crossroads,” he said. “What we decide in the next four years will be critical to the future of Park Forest.” He said volunteers are currently circulating his nominating petitions.

“I’m not running against anyone. I’m running for ‘the urgency of now,’” said Woods, a Village Trustee since 2019. “I’m running to preserve the cultural traditions of our community, but also to be effectively visionary about where we want Park Forest to be in the years ahead.”

Woods laid out a five-point program on which his campaign will be based: (1) increased community involvement, (2) business development focused on the needs of the local community, (3) matters relating to schools and youth, (4) crime prevention, and (5) more focus on the needs of families.

The article is available here.


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